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Frequently asked questions

What type of Photography do you Mainly do?

   I mainly enjoy doing Event Photography,Street Photography, Portraits, and Car photography.

How many photos do I get in an hour?

   There are a lot of factors but generally I get around 25-5.0 good photos in an hour. but in amount of photos in general you  will get around around 200 or more raw photos an hour.

How does payment work?

    Payment is through PayPal , Cash app, or just plain old cash. How payment usually works is you pay me half of the cost before the shoot and then pay me the other half after i take the photos for you, You will not receive photos if you do not pay me the other half.

Why are prices so low?

   I am just starting off taking photos for people and I do not have a large client base. When my Client base grows I will charge more for photos.

What equipment do you shoot on?

   In General i do photo shoots on a Canon 5d mark 3, which is a 22 Megapixel full frame camera, but i do also enjoy shooting on vintage film cameras such as The Bronica Ec,Pentax K1000 and the Canon T2  (if you are interested in that)

   If you any other Questions,Concerns or inquiries, Hit me up on my Phone,Email,or Instagram, and Id be glad to answer them.

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